Good Day.

Well today was pretty much packed. I didn’t do much. Woke up around 8:20 ish and mom really woke me at 8:27. Got dressed and accompanied her to the doctor to check whats the deal with her ear. It was infected (swimmer’s ear). Her eardrops were a whopping $115.00! She almost didn’t get them, I pressed. So she did. There were so many cutsey babies there. Made the notion to aquire one of my very own tickle my frontal lobe again. Hmmm. Wonder where that’d take me if I actually liked guys as much as I do babies. ?. Hmmm. Maybe I don’t really have to like them. Just ask someone for sperm, put it in a turkey baser and shoot it up? Might just work that might. ha. My sense of humor disturbs some. I haven’t the slightest idea why…Anyway, after the doctor’s visit we frequented Wal*Mart yet again. $427. somethin there. Lordy bee. Mom spends way too much money on  the wrong things. I got a couple cutsey tees. I’m trynna get away from those but’s a bit of an addiction apparently :/. And those plastic bracelets. Geez. I bought Halloween. I’ll watch that before bed. Wonderful bedtime story I’d say. I haven’t read the paper yet. CLASSIFIEDS first priority. -A sporty example of how random I am that was.- So when we got home. We were bringing the bags to the porch and whadaya know. A full size mother fuckin lizard on the door MUGGIN ME UP AND DOWN as though it was attracted to me. I despise reptiles. I can respect the dinosaurs descendants from a distance…of about 50 miles. So I calmly walked away and refused to return until it was gone. Haha. Mom was tappin at it with the lid of a rubbermaid bin. It wouldn’t budge. Eventually it leapt. I think it was sickly coz usually they run immediately. Just another reason for me to get out of the SOUTH asap! Mom wants to take a trip in November. I immediately insisted on New York for x-mas. I’ve heard it’s beauteous. She wants to go to Florida. -_- I’m not bovered..coz u know what? Nine times outta ten she won’t follow through. She never does. I’ve become accustomed to being let down this point I don’t allow myself to get built up so high..that way it won’t hurt. Enough sad stories. Today was a good day…and for now, why..I think I’d like to smile 🙂


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