Drowsy Escapade.

Well I got off to bed late. Not terribley late, but late enough to feel like I’m sleep deprived right now. Mom wants to go to Michael’s for craft sets. Omg. -_- I ain’t bovered. So I was settling in for a bit of a rest, but it’s upsey daisey for Ashlee. Blaaaah I’m famished! I’ll probably have a spot of breakkie. More like a peach parfait. Coz yea…I’m not cooking! I’m trying to encourage this new found (or given) attitude of enthusiasm mum has, but my goodness…it’s a bit exhausting. I hope this isn’t out only means of communication. I want to feel truth and honesty coming from her expressions…not money being shoved in my pocket. Sooo what to wear? Hmmmm. I’m such a girly girl. Oh I do love Rilo Kiley. Esp Silver lining and Pictures of success. Hooraaayyy Hooorayyy!


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