Warm conclusion

well that was kinda fun and enlightening. Omg Michael’s has the BEST art supplies! Everything I could EVER want or need, inspiration at the forefront. It really made me want to get back into art(painting, drawing, animation, sketching, etc.). I figure I could open my very own gallery. Make jewelry, sell paintings and other artwork. I’m soo inspired. Moreso because mom encouraged it. She also mentioned Summerville again. Grrrrrr. I hope I find something adequate soon, so she can SHUT UP on that. I’m not for wrinkley old folks who don’t know where they are or where they’re going. Wow. I sound horrible. But yea. Not my thing. So anyway. We got super to take home from Get n go. The gumbo wasn’t too appealing, i just picked out all the meat and ate the rice and stock. I totally went off my diet. I srsly need to attain full speed focus. The kinda focus that isn’t moved by something as small as circumstance or milieu. I had it once, time to get it back times quadrillon and 3. I could be powerful. Haha. So I think I’m def gonna go with a fine arts minor instead of graphic design. I still wanna take a graphic design course though. Man my room is in total disarray! I need a bigger living space. I know I have to accept and appreciate this little on for now. For the simple fact that..if I don’t I’ll get all despondent. Some women have no place. No one. I’ve got this much and yea…that’s a blessing. Wow I feel my positive attitude rebounding. I’m gonna make it comfy by settling it beside constand vigilance (: Annnnd as for the space issue. I’m moving some of this stuff back into my sister’s room. She’s so in and out, it shouldn’t matter. I also need to give some of this stuff away and stop living in material excess. It’s really annoying me now. I’ve outgrown that state of mind..I guess that’s why I get annoyed with mum when she stays in stores forever and drops shit in the basket without consideration. She spent $250 at Michael’s today. *shakes head* We’re gonna make and sell bracelets. If they’re all sold the profit will be well worth it. So I shouldn’t complain. Ya knoow as much as I don’t want to..I thought about going back to Summerville. I mean it is an 8-5 Mon.-Fri. Perhaps I can deal? Make that sacrafice I have spoken of? I dunno. I’ve gotta pray and think on it. I’m hoping, praying, for something more, shall I say…¬†detached. And with younger people. I mean working at Summerville in such an upfront position, you have to have a sort of closeness with what you do. You have to handle the situations delicately..I’m not into that. Make much sense? I donno..I have faith that I’ll get what it is I want, and not have to just take what’s available…This is exactly what happened on my other jobs..I just took them because they were available, not because I was the least bit interested in them. Just money. I dunno. Ahhhhhrrrrrgggggg. Enough wrestling with this. God will make a way. Soooo I’m thinkin of washing my hair this evening. That’s always fun.


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