I thought I loved Harold.

Lovely day out. it’s been raining all day on and off. when it stops the sun shines so bright. I woke up super early, now I’m exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open! Nap? I’m so 76. So I got an email from this media arts place I saw on craigslist! She said she will review my resume and contact me for an interview next week. I’m trying really hard not to get excited. It’s in ‘old Metairie’ so far. Well not really, but with no car it is. I ordered my sim card from ebay for my sk3. I’ve had it for months(also from ebay) and didn’t have it on. I had called T-Mobile and asked about how to get a sim from them. Some kiddish sounding lady told me I’d have to purchase a phone. I have a freakin phone! So yea ebAy! It was like $11..not bad considering. I have to iron today.


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