Adult Decision.

So I’ve been thinking really hard on going back to my old job at Summerville. It certainly isn’t what I want. I’d much rather a more liberal workplace, but I have to wonder…Is it time for me to let go of what’s comfortable for me to do what will pay the bills? Make that adult move to support myself? It surely will be enough..I’m lookin at about $12-14 hundred bucks every 2 weeks. Just to sit on my bum and basically deal. I know how to deal. I’ve dealt with a lotta shit in my life…I dealt with 2 years of Summerville. I’m thinking, why not deal with it now. School starts for me in the spring. I could switch to a work study. Another thing I’m Security that I’ll be in control of what happens with my future. School is not a certainty if I don’t get a job to pay for it myself. My mom isn’t too enthused about assisting me in that arena of my life if she doesn’t absolutely have to. And who could blame her? I’m an adult. I need to support me. It’s no longer her responsibility. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t do it when she should’ve…Time is in my hands now. My destiny is shaped by my own endeavors. I’ve given this a lot of thought and seems the most logical choice. I don’t want this to be based on money, but the fact is I need all I can get right now. I hate to think of 8 hours of my day devoted to a place I don’t want to be, but this would be my sacrifice. I’d have to detach myself enough to just get the job done..and be able to go home unimpressed. I can do that. I can. And perhaps…perhaps I will. ?


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