I’ve been aching all day. I stayed in bed for the most of it. I just got up around 3 to eat somethin. My sides (esp. the right) and my lower back are killing me. I dunno where the pain is coming from ): I’m not sure painkillers would help, they haven’t in the past. So I didn’t take any. I’m cooking for mum. We’re going to look at refridgerators tomorrow since her eye doctor rescheduled her. I do hope I’m better coz yea. So I’ve decided to go back to Summerville. I hope it’s the right choice. I’ll see as time progresses…For now I’m gonna train my body to get to bed early and wake early. I have to be there at 8a.m. 5 days a week. So yea, I’ll get up at like 6:30. Not my cup of tea…I’m so not a morning person, but I realize it’s what I have to do. This is getting me nowhere fast. I’m thinking of opening a savings account for college. I don’t intend to spend money so carelessly anymore. I’ll be on a strict budget so I can get my wheels quick. I also wanna save for a trip before I start school. I really wanna go to NYC. An old co-worker said there’s no place like it around the holidays. Soo I’m thinking either NYC or Cali. Plus I’m pretty much done with the whole meat thing. I almost regurgitated just now, stirring the ground beef for moms hamburger helper. Man. Gross. I’m gonna start making my own grocery list and what not. Healthy recipes and such. I know moms gonna be uper happy about me going back. I just hope she doesn’t smother me on the job, since she’s there too. Blah. But seriously, I’ve decided not to let anything get next to me. Just go my job and let that be that. Maybe…just maybe, I’ll enjoy it.


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