Now That’s Better. or is it?

i’m feeling better today. I haven’t taken my meds. They make me feel so sluggy. I’m still kinda weak, but yea. Yesterday me n mom went to have lunch. She stopped at Summerville to pick up her check first. My body tensed up and I felt an urge to drive away and not look back. Not good. Considering that seems to be the only open option for employment to date. I just applied at H20 Salon and Spa. I’ve wanted to work there since forever. I saw the ad once a few yrs back…And saw it on Craigslist yesterday. It’s an opening for a receptionist. The app was pretty poshy annoying. Asked questions about what assets I’d bring to the company and what the tp 3 events in my life are..Wtf? Well I answered to the best of my ability. My life isn’t a storybook. Certainley not what an employeer would hop for. Ehh. I’m not gonna get my hopes even off the ground on that, but at least I tried. I’ve been trying a LOT. I’ve put in like 7 apps to date. It’s a major blow to a girl’s self-esteem ): But oh well. I need to get something. My vision is blurring for some reason. I need to get these windows soon. Nip it now. Oh jeez will I ever not have a problematic blog? 


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