Well mom got into this program that helps ppl here to “re-establish” themselves.  They may pay her rent from Oct. 07-09. They help with transportation, education, furniture, purchasing a home and all sorts of stuff. Mom really should look into obuying again. To me renting is like throwing your money into a furnace and letting it Burrrnnn. The program is called DHAP. Pretty awesome. I certainley could use some assistance with getting a car and getting in college. So yea..that made me smile. We met up with an oooollld friend and neighbor from Woodmere for lunch. We went to Piccadilly’s. Not my favorite place to eat, but ok just the same. It reminds me of an old folks convention. I dunno whyyy. But yea. So now I’m home and bored. This makeup is totally burning my eyes I suppose. I need to get them checked asap and STOP using the comp so much. Anyway, when we were leaving the church(that’s where mom heard about DHAP)  this old guy started flirting with me. He could be my grandpa. That’s just so ewe. sSsoOo I dunno what to do now. Maybe watch tv..I don’t really wanna, I’d rather do something constructive but dayum. Not likely haha. Hopefully I get HP tomorrow. I wanna get a copy of Art of War and other literary classics. I neeeed to get my brain pumping and healthy! Hehehe I don’t wanna look & sound like a klutz when I start school. I guess I’ll hop outta these clothes, wash this makeup off, and I dunno. Do somepthin!


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