CoMmunication BreAkdOwn.

She asked me what’s wrong. I can think of a million things, but I can’t seem to utter one to her. What is this?

1. she seems to be giving up on life. Living.

2. she’s not old, but she acts disabled.

3. she’s not in a coffin, but she seems dead.

4. she is afraid. of most everything.

5. she’d rather sit and talk than get up and act.

6. she lies. i wonder if she’s telling me the truth?

7. she won’t accept when shes wrong.

8. she trys to dictate my steps. manipulate my thoughts.

9. she’s putting on a show.

10. she is complacent with her condition.

and the list could go on and on…all with deep cause. deep pain and confusion! ahhhhccccK. wtf?


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