Tuck in.

Whether I have to take tylenol p.m. or drink sleepytime tea I will be in bed early tonight. As gran used to say…there’s no rest like night rest. No matter how much you try to make up for it in the afternoon, it’s not the same. So stop burnin up that precious midnight oil. I woke up round 8 and went back for a nap round 9:30. I feel so lethargic and sluggy. I despise that feeling. I’m such a night owl. But I need to get some sleep. Srsly. When I got up round 11, mom was cooking. Smothered okera. Now that was an acquired taste for me. I didn’t like it as a child. But yea. I’m excited! I haven’t had it in forever. I hate how all that slime takes so long to cook out. I feel a tad moody this evening. Haha Not a bad moody just a non prolix kinda thing.  I don’t feel much like watching tv..Right now I’m listening to music. Maybe I’ll watch a movie later. Still no Harry Potter! Arrrggghhh! What’s with this delay?! It’s so annoying. I srsly wish they’d just refund my account so I can order it from someone who doesn’t take a year shipping it or whatever. They said give it until the end of this week. But ehh I mean I’ve been inconveinenced! I ordered Art of War yesterday. It’s amazing how dull my days have been this past year. Blogs on what mom is cooking and lunchdates. Ahhh. I’ll still look back and enjoy the read (:



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