Bitter taste

so I got a call back from H20! I was THRILLED! The bad news is..mum won’t help me with getting there until I got paid ): WTF is that? She’s all I told you that’s too far. Y don’t you come back to Summerville? She really hurt me. I know she knows that’s not what I want. I’ve said it long enough for the president of the U.S. to know!!! Yet she ignored my feelings yet AGAIN. Her only concern is what she wants and what she feels will do me good. Well I bursted into tears all over again..this time actual sobs. I never sob. But I was just so hurt. I must say I feel a huge release. I’m not gonna cry anymore..I know God has something bigger and better with MY name on it just for me. Somewhere I can access. I just registered at the uep site. Got my id # and what not. So most likely I’ll be taking classes soon. I may not be making any money, but at least I can learn and get job placement assistance. It’s kinda like job corps. Thank God for music. It’s the only balm I have for these knife wounds. I didn’t even feel it this time. They’re so often inflicted. I’m done with this victim attitude. I’m stepping it up. And for some reason, I’m scared to death…

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