Cracked hot pink nailpolish.

I got to bed early 🙂 Woke up round 8 and I’ve been up since. I read a little. I’m trynna learn a few new words a day. Enhance my vocab a bit. That urb program provides transpo as well. That made me sMile. It’s from 8-4 Mon-Thurs. for 4 weeks. I need to call them and find out more about it before I register. It doesn’t list the specific programs of study. I could do that, get into the swing of college life. I’m certainley rusty. The center appears to be on Canal. It doesn’t say that’s where the classes are. I saw 3 other schools I’m gonna assume I can take classes at either place. Hopefully coz I’m not too keen on going to Canal St. But we shall see. I srsly need to do something. Right now.  I can’t wait another min. Coz yea..I get restless when all is stagnant and that makes for a crabby ashey! I’m hungry.


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