Biigggg Smiles-Kaleidoscopic Happiness Unfolding

I’m up quite early. I hit the sack way late even after 2 tyelenol pms. Like almost 4. I’m a tad drowsy but I wanted to get a few things off my chest….so here it goes in no particular order or uniform.

I’m more than worth it. I deserve more and I’m not going to search for it.

—I gave it to you to hold. You dropped it and broke it. I’m not bitter. It wasn’t that big of a surprise. I will not hate you, but please… use a plastic cup the next time we have a chardonnay —

Soo my opinion is who’s? Mine. How can a “liberal” try to conform me? To bend set ablaze my prerogative? That Doesn’t seem consistant with a liberal persona. One thing I can’t stand is a hypocritical personality. So. Yea. I won’t. That’ll make for a free spirit to fly..any way she chooses . That’s what a liberated breeze is all about. I’m not going to limit myself to certain things. And if I like something…it’s my prerogative, not a display seeking approval. If it’s got MY stamp of approval I’m cool. I can’t believe the heights ppl will go to to make someone feel invalid because they don’t share the same view. I can appreciate an opinion (even if I didn’t ask for it) but don’t try to discredit my taste because it’s not yours. Blahhh enough of that crap!

I’ll chose to be happy today. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I’m not afraid. Happiness is a constant gift and I will take a moment to thank God for helping me to see mine. To feel mine and to know that it’s prescence does not have to be temporary or co-dependent. I welcome happiness. I welcome melioration. I welcome peace.

I feel like such a hippie today.


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