How fucking annoying is it to be Jan Brady. Srsly. In the fuckin middle of mom and Toya’s emailing escapades is driving me insane. I srsly wish my mother would learn to use the computer herself and stop bugging me about emailing ppl for her. On top of it all she’s fuckin lying. I refuse to sit here and email fuckin lies to ANYONE especially my sister. NO. She just wants to make her feel guilty and wants her to be home and all this fuckin sappy ass bullshit I don’t have the capacity to indulge in. FUCKIN RELENTLESS AGGRAVATION! Now she’s whining b/c i told her my sis said she’d been sick. I understand a mother’s feelings and all that jazz..but hell had she utilized some of those feelings and got her child insured she wouldn’t be so fuckin sick. I’m pissed at her. Srsly who the fuck abandons their duty as a parent to raise their children to take care of themselves. ..not just stick a fuckin pork chop in their mouth and a remote in their hand. You can’t fuckin break a bird’s wings and push them out of a nest blindly..You’e got to “raise a child up in the way they should go”. Don’t fuckin…fuckin…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I can’t . No more. I need a form of nicotine. or the like.


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