I feel as though I’m going to spill the contents of my stomach.

Allow me to spill the contents of my mind instead…

Sooo I’ve come to a bit of a hiatus amid my personal absence. I’ve been so hopped up on carnal. Physical physical physical. I believe in balance. I know in my heart that my flesh has been the doyen of my life and that’s absolutely unacceptable. The flesh leads to..death. Eventually…consistently. The spirit is life. I find that I’ve been enveloped in a walking sarcophagus as a result of being lead by physical gratification with disregard of what’s inside. I used to project such radiant colors, even in the darkest places in my life and the lives of others. I want to do that again. To be that girl (now a woman) who knows full well that she should seek ye first. I’m not saying I’m some “bible thumping” “goody two shoes”..just that I need to gird myself so that I don’t allow myself to be consumed by carnality.

I feel like my hard drive…there’s soo much info to process in life…I need to stop adding a bunch of trash to my mind and process and meliorate…then add. Add essential life. Not trivial physics. I need to stop and look inside…dig around and find that inner strength that has always sustained me.


So I applied for this job at a portrait studio..and I’ve got an interview coming up next week…around Weds. or Thurs. I’m rather excited, but nervous all the same. I really shouldn’t be. I know I’m more than capable of exceeding their expectations..modest aye? I guess it’s just something new that I’ll have to get accustomed to. I just want to get this interview process behind me.


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