One more night.

It’s rather early..but I’m gonna head off to bed. I’m sure I’ll be up reading for a few hours..but I need to get some rest. I have to get up at like 7:15a.m. to get cab fare from mum. Omg she annoyed me sooo super bad today! She has called here every hour on the hour asking me the same questions (whatcha doing?)  and it’s just annoying. We don’t have a relationship outside of her being my mum. I mean if she weren’t my mother, we would not associate. So yea..nothing much to say…esp. with things that happened in the past that totally severed any chances of friendship or trust. Blah.. Anyway…tomorrows the “big day”/ I’m meeting Kirk at 1p.m. It sounds pretty promising..I’m still anxious to get this part over with. I know I can advance on this job. I feel like this will be the first job I won’t have to drag myself outta bed to go to. I’ll be able to utilize all the wonderful things that make me who I am (:

I started another story today..I’m represented in the main character..I don’t have  solid title yet..but the story is dragging on well. I’m really excited about’s my 1st “trashy story” hehe.

The sounds in and around this house are spooky. I know it’s the wind, but it’s ever so creePy! It kinda kept me awake later than I appreciated last night. wOW..I should get in bed now.



  1. joyinme

    originally diary…keep writing

  2. I believe I will…(:

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