Well now.

An hour later and I’m back home none the wiser. Kirk is apparently not a keen business man. I sat there waiting for an interview and he never showed..15 mins. after our scheduled time he called and said something personal came up. How annoying. I’ve wasted cab fare 4 nOTHING! He was avidly sorry. I’m not gonna whine about spilled milk(even though this is actual u.s. currency). At least I got to meet one of the girls who works there..she seems happy enough. I have to go back tomorrow same time…let’s hope he shows and nothing personal comes up until I’ve got my name tag shall we. I felt rather uncomfortable in what I’m wearing..the vest kept causing the shirt to rise up and expose my bubbly bum. So tomorrow it’s a simple ensemble..perhaps my red knitted v-neck sweater and khaki pants…orr the wine colored sweater and gray pants. I dunno. I feel much more at ease about the interview..The studio is so small. Not threatening at all and extremely sloow on business. The only employee there..Nikki, was just sitting there calling ppl about their pictures and having a chilled coke. FaBulous if you ask me. Well I guess I’ll go enjoy my lunch from the Wal*Mart deli..Now that I think of it..eWe. I’m not keen on eating from fast food establishments anymore, but I’ll make this exception. Geez I can still feel my lips glossing :p


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