If at 1st you don’t succeed…

try try Againnnn! Ahh Benji.

I woke up to another coooold morning. I would’ve liked to stay in bed, but I became terribly restless laying there tossing and turning. I’m gonna try to down some breakfast because those fries and hi-c b4 the supposed interview yesterday..didn’t quite work. And never again will I eat at the Wal*Mart deli. It was a s bad as I expected it to be. The mac n cheese made me think of cows..and the chicken was so dry and just ugh. The hush puppies were good though. I feel a bit sleepy now. I stayed up a while after getting off the tele listened to music and finished off Harry Potter 5. Fabulous..now I can embark on the 6th book! Yeeee. It always amazes me how fascinated I am with this series. Annyway, I’d better head off and prepare breakfast..down it and get ready. Mum says I should call first. I shall take her advice.


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