Why does he have a wang?

I’m a bit tired and confused as to why this guy is kinda dancing around in my head now. Is it coz of those tight jeans and girly voice? Could be…The disturbing thing is he has a man thing..installed…and it’s not goin anywhere. Hmmm.

So I got off to a late start and didn’t get to dillard’s. Mom wanted to go to Kmart and I fig I’d get some knitting stuff there…all the while it never dawned on me that they don’t carry knitting supplies. Well it was cool just the same. I got this really cute b&w stripe jumper shirt with cuuuute buttons and a pair of cutsey shoes. I shop too much. As we were sitting waiting for Mary to pick us up, this lady got nabbed for shoplifting. Bad business..I felt sorry for her..So once Mary was done confusing Walmart with Kmart, she brought me to get Taco Bell..I needed a fix..ha. So I stood in line 4everrrr waiting for my order. The place was PACKED. I was like hmm…this won’t take long when I went in at first b/c my order was taken so quickly…but I learned they take yr money fast and serve yr order slooooow. So I’m standing there with this horde of ppl. Mostly guys..little girly “emo” looking guys with sweet voices..and what? I detected a slight desire in my belly (and no lower). Long story short…I think I’ll give the male species a go. This could take some getting used to though. I’m not even reallllly sure. But I mean…where did that desire come from? I’m starting to thing I’m not as lesbian as I think I am. I mean how can I really know? I’ve never really given my kinda guy a try. But it’s like..inside…I don’t want to…

but then……..Oh I’m soooo confused. :-/

How bout a song. by Jens Lekman

Nina I can be your boyfriend
So you can stay with your girlfriend
Your father is a sweet old man
But it is hard for him to understand
That you wanna love a woman

Nina I can be your boyfriend
If it puts an end to all this nonsense
First time I see you in Berlin
And you don’t tell me anything
Until outside your dad’s apartment

Oh, God! Jesus Christ!
I try to focus on your eyes
We’re having dinner with your family now
Keep a steady look at your left eyebrow

If it’s raised, it means yes,
If it’s not it means take a guess
Hey! You! Stop kicking my legs
I’m doing my best
Can you pass the flakes?

Your father puts on my record
He says: so tell me how you met her
I get a little nervous and change the subject
And put my hand on some metal object
He jokes and tells me it’s a liedetector

He takes out the booklet and starts reading
So i heard you’re moving out next season
I say: Yeah, New York is nice that time of year
Almost as green as it is here
He says: I thought you were moving to Sweden?


Oh, God, what have I done?
I came to Berlin to have some fun
And clock on the wall strikes 4:56
My eyes can’t buy a big crucifix
Guess that’s why he won’t let you go
His catholic heart is big and slow
You know I’ll do anything for love
But Nina what were you thinking of?

But Nina I can be your boyfriend
So you can stay with your girlfriend
Your father is mailing me all the time
He says he just wants to say hi
I send back “out of office, auto-replies”

Nina I just want to check in
‘Cause I think about you every second
So I send you this postcard just to say
Don’t let anyone stand in your way
Yours truly, Jens Lekman

Don’t let anyone stand in your way
Don’t let anyone stand in your way
Don’t let anyone stand in your way
Don’t let anyone stand in your way


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