Scoooby Dooby Dooo!!!

So yea today was interesting..I watched Scooby Doo 2..boredom causes certain side effects…

So mum came by to scoop me up round 1:20ish..We were supposed to be getting stuff for Thanksgiving. However we ended up looking at mattress for her bed…First stop serta store..then mattress firm, then sears, which is in the mall. So we ended up roaming around the mall for a while. She bought a few things..I got a christmas plaid bangle bracelet set to match my shoes. Blah. We never got around to no knitting supplies still! Sooo I figured I’d do better ordering it I gathered a comrade and looked at some yarns and needles(thanks Jasmine). Theres an absolutely wonderful site called Knitpicks…I wanted a more hands on approach to purchasing my first project supplies but this will do. Not to mention, the prices are painless..I’m gonna get the cherry blossom and blue bonnet and a set of needles. I’ve decided on the “wizard scarf” as my first project.

Several sites refer to this as a beginner’s project. I think it’s a bit adventurous, but I never back down from a challenge. Ha. I don’t see the colors I need for it on Knitpick, so I’ll have to leaf out and find it somewhere else..Ok enough on knitting for now..

So while we were in the mall, I spo0ted this super cute indie looking guy in a blue bonnet tee and tight jeans..all alone. Then walking to order Chinese I saw him again..sitting at a table having frozen yogurt..I think he felt my eyes on his neck..I didn’t quite stare..I mean I didn’t stop and stare..but yea. It felt like I did. I almost told my mum “now he’s fuckin hawt.!” I know she’d love to hear me referring to a man in that way. Ha. Just another curious notion. Hmmmmmm.

Ok that’s enough rambling I’m sleepy.


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