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Yeeee. hehe Today should be interesting..Mums coming home a bit early with her friend and cake(her bday cake and a coconut cake). I welcome mum and cake…however I’m not too keen on dealing with her friends today..Later our old neighbor is gonna snatch us up to go pick up the catered stuff. I’m strictly on a mission to get the yarn I need for my hp scarf. We’re gonna visit for a while with my cousins too. Nona made praline candy for me squeee! I wish she would’ve made that peanut butter candy…That’s one of my fondest memories as a child. sad. God..Thanksgiving..I could gain a lb or 2 between today and tomorrow. I think I’m just going to nibble today though, my stomach kinda hurts for some reason. I think it’s all the processed crap I’ve been eating and the drama I’ve let myself be subjected to. I srsly need to distance myself from a lot. I’m very good at sitting calmly in the eye of the storm, but come on…there’s only so much a person can take. Still I’ve gotta get a grip and not let go of what I know is just. And keep these feelings in check. More so the latter.


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