Opossum ewe.

Soo we’ve got not one but two creatures in our yard..I did a little research on them at mum’s request and got further skeeved out. They’re not terribly dreadful, but still, they can invade homes and that’s what frightens me the most. Opossums. Oh my lordy bee. I went to bed ever so early last night, but I’m so tired, I keep closing my eyes. My greatest incentive to wake up is the pursuit of more knitting tools and yarn! Mum’s good friend is coming over after work for a bit of a date with us. We’re gonna go check out mattress AGAAAAIN for mums bed and pick up vitamins from Smoothie King, get yarn & needles from the mart of wal (crappy redheart, but I’ll deal) annd a few other errands. We’ve been held up all morning waiting for the furniture repair man to get here to fix a few nips on mums new gentle men’s chest.

I’ve been thinking maybe I should start a blog exclusively for knitting, so ppl won’t have to read through all my rambling to get to the knitting bit of my posts. I dunno, seems like extra foot (rather finger) work. On that note…I’ve totallllly evaded the original pattern I was following for the HP scarf. I started out with 70 stitches and I’m currently at 73. WTF? Well. I also added a small burgundy stripe before the 20 rows of gold and burgundy end. Of course this is my first stab at knitting, so I didn’t expect a masterpiece, but yea I’m a tad disappointed with where it is now. It seems way too wide. Come to find out I’m knitting with a needle 6x smaller than what was recommended. I thought the needle I had was a 9..turns out it’s a 6. This is comical. All in all, it’s gonna turn out wearable… I hope. I’m creating a list of the materials I’m lacking. I def want larger needles, circular needles and apparently I need a crochet hook for the fringe. I don’t wanna get all glitzy with it just yet. haha I should get ready..like now


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