I could scream right now. I’m at the bottom of something. I feel trapped and I know I am not. My sister kid of upset me. How can she be 32 yrs old and still not have herself at least half way ok. She’s too smart and capable to be in the position she’s allowing herself to be in for that drug head gf of hers. I comprehend love, I can not however abet that kind of foolishness. I dunno. I seem to be a middleman between her and my mum and that can be stressful. I almost told her..look if u want to ask mum something call her not me. *sighs* It incites me to get myself together. Really together. I need to stop lagging and GET a job and build up my assets and such. I’m growing tired of being housemaid and mediator. I’m not gonna let this upset me though. Big breaths and drop the drama to the way side.

oK better 🙂

I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this evening.

The rental fridge is going back since mum got a new one, so I’ll have to transfer everything.

The remnants of Christmas dinner is taking up lots of space in the newbie. Puzzle mania.

I hope to get out tomorrow. Maybe have lunch with mum. I’m craving chinese food.


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