But my sutures..Won’t they rip?

Well, opts day one is over. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I expected and prepared for. I went in confident and srsly prayed up :p I have doses more faith in those prayers than in my efforts. The math was the mossst difficult of course. Tricky. Jeez. Where’s the necessity  in complicating such simple things as numbers and shapes? Dah weell. Tomorrow is the essay. I am no longer afraid. Surprising. I know if I had given myself more time, I’d be less apprehensive about this whole process.

At this point I’m beginning to wonder what exactly I’m gonna do after this is over. I should be done by the time Jul. 20 gets here. It’d be too much of a hustle to try and get into school next semester I think. I would definitely try if I had my own wheels of course. I just can’t imagine myself at that fckn sign waiting on that fckn bus. Idk maybe I may have to broaden my imagination sooner than soon. I really want to keep the ball rolling while it’s got a good velocity behind it. I can’t bear the thought of stagnation creeping its way back into my life. Jesus. One step at a time. I keep telling myself that, but myself don’t listen. o_O


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