Writing again.

Mom has asked me to write a letter of condolence to her employer’s brother. I never knew him, but he sounds like an interesting fella. He spoke German and studied Japanese. He was a doctor and served in the army. He was also a photographer. Wowzers. It should be a privilege to write something from the heart for someone like this, however I find myself tempted to find something someone else wrote in a card or something. She wants it short and sweet errr. Dah well here it goes…

I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Lloyd Eyrich . Words alone can not describe the kind of person he was. His presence will be sorely missed.

Ok in the meantime, my sister called me and asked me to sign the guestbook of her friend that died last week on their couch. My life feels like some kind of extreme drama right now. O_o But I am not sinking. I am not falling. I am not insane. Let’s hope those things don’t change.

Anyway, my opts were soooooooooo easy oh so breezy today! I glided right through it. The essay was a bit of a pain, but not nearly as impossible of a topic was provided as I expected. Tomorrow results of course, I’m on a pin and a needle. No sweat ^.^ yea right. I’m not sure whyyy, but I’m extremely sleepy. I think I’ll tuck in early tonight..let Narnia be my lullabye. I’m gonna try to start my diet tomorrow. I’m so effin sick of yo-yoing! I think this timmmme my head is in it. Ultimately it’s mind over matter. I tlked to my sister tonight..it was nice. Made me miss her oddles more though. She says she can’t wait to get home. I can tell she’s extremely homesick. ): I can actually feel her longing to be in the presence of those who love her best..most..truly.

Man that bed is looking more and more welcoming by the nano second. That soft pillow I so love to snuggle up against..that off color comforter that suits its name..that enveloping mattress that holds me just right..and above all those sweet daydreams I have before drifting off into my heart’s subconscious desires. Maybe I’ll glance her there but then again…maybe I don’t want to. Maybe I can wait for some reality. Maybe I won’t rush into someone with open arms simply because their arms are open and bump hazardously into love.


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