OK. So I did well yesterday with my “diet”. Today I totalllly fucked up! I’m so disappointed with myself because I know I’m more than capable to stick to it and accomplish my goal. Well, tomorrow’s another day.

Other than that, I didn’t go to class today and I don’t plan on going tomorrow. It’s basically reviewing at this stage and quite frankly I can do that at home. I’ll probably go Thursday, just to use their software. I got the call like yesterday. July 16 is the day.

Me n mom had lunch today and I told her I was contemplating returning to my old job that I absolutely abhor. She almost instantly responded positively. Like she was waiting and looking for a way to tell me that’s what I should do. I wasn’t surprised. I know she’s at the end of her rope with being mom. I just don’t understand why and how ppl who shouldn’t even have a per goldfish end up with children. Anywhoo. I’m gonna start paying closer attn. to the classified adds and if I don’t catch anything better by my test date, I’m callin my old ‘super’.

I’m sooo happy with how my little scarf is coming along! Even though I’m knitting it in black tweed, the stitch definition can not be missed. It’s gonna be a lovely accessory. I’m already half way done. My other project is up for debate. I did the background and the outline for the tree but omg that fckn brown is so unnatural! I really need better paints and brushes. Mine are truly primitive.

I feel near the passing out point. sleep. 0o0-_-0o0


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