I know God is working. I know He is moving in my life. In my world. My circumstances tell me to be worry. God is the, yesterday and foreverrrr. There was no need for worry yesterday, none for today or tomorrow.  I’m starting to feel the warmth of a brighter’s been cold so long..dark..full of tribulation..that part hasn’t changed, of’s gotten worse according to what my eyes can see..but I’m feeling that warmth..that promise. I’m learning to walk by faith..not by sight. I’m so thankful for grateful for this boost of faith…Strength..Peace that surpasses understanding and for those people God put into my life who lift my spirits even further. I need to get in a place that confirms what I’m feeling in my spirit. My mom was talking about going to church tomorrow. The church we went to when I was a child..the church I was baptized in..I’d love to. I really would. I never thought I’d say that o_O I’m realizing I need to surround myself with more positive, productive people. I feel like I’m draining to the few I have been blessed with..and the last thing I want to do is drain my true friends. Well I’m off..I think I’ll be bloggin a lot more..


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