What is this? A funny farm?

11-8-09 I should be doing my essay. Or perhaps my psychology study guide. Maybe even med terminology, Instead here I am. Procrastinating agaiiin. So this was lingering in my drafts I decided to publish it coz of the words in bold. Ciao

I’m a bit disappointed right now. I’ve got no desire to think, feel, eat, drink, see, hear, or decide. I just wanna get a couple needles and some yarn and knit until someone tells me this has been a great prank.

Of course the “interview” was canceled again yesterday..I was so annoyed I couldn’t bring myself to type it up. I called him just after I called a taxi. I never imagined he’d cancel again! So he says, an emergency came up across town..One of his studios wasn’t “covered”. Well I have to wonder..had I not called him, would he have called be in time. He didn’t answer at 1st…but called back at like 12:32. I sooo coulda been already there. Everyone is telling me not to go forward with this. I dunno.


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