From relaxed to natural. From overweight to fit. From existence to Living.

Well I decided to go natural. ( on Nov. 7, 2009 to be precise) No mas relaxers for me. I’ve been getiing my hair relaxed since I was about 11 yrs old. Bad mistake. I’ve fallen in love with my natural hair. There was a time ( not so long ago) that if any signs of waves or curls beared their head, I’d smack a PCJ kid’s relaxer on them. Now I’m constantly lovin on my waves and curls. I feel like my relaxed hair is artificial lol. I know it isn’t and I have nothing against people who relax, just my personal feelings. I think I’ll trim a couple inches off today after my wash. I’ll do a twist out and see how that comes out. I’ve done braid outs before and I adore them. Reminds me of how my hair usedd to be. Before chemicals my hair was thick, curly and wavy. I can’t wait until all this relaxed hair grows out. I can’t imagine the BC. I’ve lived with long hair too long to just hack it all off. My mom was supportive when I first told her, but last night she mad a remark about me ruining my own hair. WTF?! My hair has never been better, aside from the natural breakage due to relaxing. I take the utmost care of my hair so for her to say that..indicates she doesn’t want me to go natural. She says I just need the “right hand” in my hair. o_O Really though mum? Who’s hand is better than my own in my own hair??? Hmm. Anywho, it’s my decision and it has been made. I Ashley Nicole am going Natural. And I’m damnd pleased with my choice ^^



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