Soo I’m procrastinating agaIn. I woke up this morning eager to see what my 1st transition hairstyle would look like. I did a twist out. Lovers it! I wish I hadn’t curled the ends coz yea. However, my reaction to waves and curls was sweet. It makes my hair look shoulder lenght *giggles*. I wouldn’t look bad with short hair a’tall. I took a bunch of pix on my sidekick. Crap excuse for a camera. It works best outside.


I should get started on my laundry list of things to do..Starting with reading about the reproductive system. If I don’t stay ahead of my game in Medical Terminology I’m so gnna get a C- in this course! The instructor is absolutely NO help. The only way to get a grade in her class is through tests. We don’t have assignments. We had an opportunity to score some extra credit pts and unless the whole class participated even the ones who did would get nada. So unfair. I mean this is an online course, which poses its own difficulties..Why on earth make it harder. Dah well.

On the sister front…she sent me a message on fb. Sorry yr in the middle..Wish there was a quick fix..Wish I felt the same bond.

Utter weirdness. I mean first of all, there is no middle. I love her. I love me mum and that’s the bottom line. She needs to get herself some help dealing with all those emotions and what not. Behavioral, cognitive, substance-related theraphy! Secondly, my bond has never broken. Hers has been tested, shaken by substances. And that’s all I have to say about that.


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