Motivation underload.

I woke up this morning..sore and feeling very drained. I haven’t worked out a’tall today yet. I stretched to alleviate the soreness, but yea. I’m suffering from a major motivation underload. I don’t want to make excuses about this. I know I can do it. I’ve done it before. However, I just feel like I need more support than I have at the moment to truly be successful with this weight loss thing. *sighs* Most of my friends are skinny minnies..I don’t think I know more than 2 people who are trying to loose weight. I’m gonna have to be enough for now. I was thinking of maybe joining Curves or some kinda support group to assist. Curves seems to be composed primarily of older women and yea I’m only 25. But age doesn’t make a huge difference. Our struggles are the same.

 It really doesnt help that Shay got voted off The Biggest Loser. What a way to go! She broke a record..she’d never lost that much weight on the ranch and still got booted. So unfair. I sincerly believe Amanda should’ve been sent home instead of Shay. Also, the way it was done made all the players look bad. I mean here you have this 373lb 30yr old..who needs to be there more than her? I have no further desire to even watch the show. Maybe once more just to see what the trainer’s reaction to Shay’s going home..I don’t like watching ppl with 0 integrity. Rudy acted most cowardly. How dare he suggest that Shay has no perserverence! She has endured far more than his grizzley bear lookn ass could even imagine! Liz may think she hid her true intentions, but I saw right through her as well. It’s obvious she wanted Shay gone. They’re all snakes in the grass. Well enough about diets for now. I’m gnna try to at least do some weight training today before I close my eyes.


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