Zest for morre…More.

We got a LOT accomplished today! We went on the hunt for my shot records, but to no avail. Idk how I’m gnna get em…I think it’ll be easier to just go let um shoot me up with all of em and get it over with. Buuut how the hell will I payyy for it? Hmm. I’m trying to wait till I get my schedule for class b4 goin back to ON orrr gettin something new, but man my pocket is aching. Plus mum’s work is sooo unsteady! I wanna provide some sense of security financially..My pt job won’t pay for everything, but it’ll alleviate some things. I’m trying really hard not to be selfish or resentful about having to take on this responsibility..its hard coz here I am trynna focus on school when I really need about 2 ft jobs..Idk if to feel guilt or justification. *sighs* Hopefully things will pick up..she’ll get a job she’s happy with and I’ll keep my pt one and have time for school and stuffs and actually have a little spending money for myself. I feel like I’m having a hard time finding time..i’m like racing thru..get this done get that done..missing all the beauty of it all. I want that to stop. I want to enjoyy my life. Embrace my life. Emit life. I know I’m capable..its just a matter of execution.

Oh..back to natural..i’m revived. i’m ready..i was soo close to oars relaxer yesterday! my hair was dry and just a heap of bluck..i shea buttered it down and put it in bantu knots..gorgeous..moist..Happy hair. I think it actually smiled at me today..I took the knots out and rocked a protective style..simple elegant bun..yup..Ive got a lot on my mind right now..a lot i wanna write about..and since im off for 1 mo n 1/2 ill lbe doing just that..not tonight though


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