Come on baybay.. Lets do tha twist!

Mkay I’m incredibley sleepy this afternoon. Grrr. Still a bit frustrated with the job situation as well. But I’m trying not to let it drain me any further. Mom’s cookin meatsauce againnn. I tell you, I’m so sick of those we’re poor stretch meals! Beans and rice..meatsauce..egg salad..Bleckkkh! I’m grateful to have any food a’tall, but for goodness sake enough with the meatsauce! We’re supposed to erect the xmas tree today..I’m glad she has the spirit. I intend to feed it til it’s quite fat  (: Although, my mom’s got a spirit with a healthy appetite. As for myself..I’m doing laundry and gnna co wash the hair and do a flat twist out. This will be my 1st co wash.. Those relaxer temptations are still bitin at me heels! But I’m trynna hang in there..I know it’ll be well worth it. I want a denman brush. I want a job 1st though :p Well the laundry is calling me..time to dry then I’ll have clean towels for the wash. (:


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