Dance Magic Dance!

To sum up 2009, I will use my current situation with my headphones..One is working and the other is not. Music..magical..medicinal..wonderful music is streaming through to one ear! This describes my year to the t. I actually exceeded some of my goals for ’09. I enrolled into college…got a steady job…maintained healthier relationships(give or take) and I grew. Of course I feel like it could’ve been much more lucrative. However, with the shadow that hung so heavily above, around me since Jul ’08 when I discovered my sister was struggling with a prescriptionpainkiller addiction and was basically shitting her life away, I could hardly see to enjoy the many blessings and achievments of ’09. I REFUSE to settle in 20 10. 20 10 is going to be my magic year! I’m going to take full…joy..peace..happiness..feeling..dedication..motivation…everything by the horns! yea corny. But srsly I’am going to be PRESENT every day when each day of 2010 calls my name. I will shead this excess weight. Continue my 4.0 gpa throughout the year..stick to my natural hair MY LIFE FOR ME..THROUGH ME..I’m not going to allow other peoples horrible issues..drama..sicknesses…sad stories or situations bring me downn anymore..this little bird has found her wings! I’m going to Let my creativity shine! Everyone is always telling me what I can talented, beautiful and full of potential I am. Well I ain’t seen nothin yet! It’s ON in 2010. I’m bringin it like I neva have brought it before! As my grandma’s favorite song says…this little light of mineee I’m gonna let it shine..let it shine..let it shine..let it shinnnne (:


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