Well..third day of the new’s going relatively well thus far..the diet/exercise everyday plan is going my amazement. The closer i get to my where i want to be in my life in every aspect..the more i realize that there’s some ppl..2 ppl..i need to address or dismiss. I’m speaking of feelings..feelings that i’m not convinced are mutual. I don’t want to rush into anything with anyone in a hasty attempt to fill a space left void. I want someone to fill a space that is theres alone. A unique space that only that person can fulfill. I also don’t want to wait here for a person that I’m not sure is coming my way..her back is turned to me..i guess it’s those over the shoulder glances that give me..idk if i should say hope..i’m not desperate..I’m not a hopeless romantic..i’m quite the realist when it comes to relationships..and i don’t like to talk about it much. o_O But i refuse to wait in vain.

And this won't be me either. xp


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