This natural hair journey has been bumpy to say the least..I’m just about 5-6 mos post mom is giving me major shit about it..the fudged up part is my hair is so beautiful to her in its natural state..yet anytime we have to go someplace important i have to alter that beautiful hair? for whom? conformity? BAHHHHHH! HUMBUG! I feel soooo tempted to take a pair of shears and hack these relaxed ends OFF. Maybe then she will understand I am NOT going to be relaxing my hair everrr agaiiin! That means no more chemically straight hair…my hair will neverrr be asss straight as it was while it was being relaxed..yes i can flat iron..yes i can roller set..wrap..dominican blowout..but it will neverrr be that texture again! I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand?! The transition process is hard enough without this amount of stupid opposition. smmfh. I’d be one ignorant asswhole if I went back to relaxing my hair with the knowledge I have now about what relaxers the long run all I’d have is strings of hair..I DON’T WANT THAT! Don’t get me wrong..many women have relaxers and thick gorgeous hair..and more power to them..but i’m not one of those women..relaxer no likey my hairr and my hair no likey relaxers period exclamation point I see what they’ve done to my hair..thinned it out to a fraction of what it was..there is no such thing as a healthy whyyy pray tell…would i don something that is not healthy to my hair?! pssssssssssssssh


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