Catchup not ketchup

Well news news..who’s got a paper from the Ashley press..I dooo..Hot hot hot from the press. Ok I flew the nest for a second. Anywho..the first thing I will address is the hair journey. I decided to relax..ors. I don’t entirely nor partially regret it. I’m somewhere in the middle. My hair journey has accomplished what I set out for it to accomplish..overall hair health and growth. I do miss my natural hair..very dearly. I feel like I have left a good friend someplace far away. Since the relaxer I have had some ups and downs..I didn’t relax it evenly, so I had some problems with under processed hair. Some was curly and most straight. I relaxed it again at the end of last month and I was sure to take it over the original transitioning hair. It is pretty good now. I can’t wait to go completely natural. I’m anxious to do that. I feel like I’m lying by the head. My hair..the hair that God gave me is the truth in my mind. Someday I will (:

Next front..School..I just finished my first semester of my second year. It was a bumpy one for reasons I will address later in this blog. I took Afro-American History, Sociology and ofc math..yuck. I got a 3.5 average this time around. I admit I was very disappointed. I am determined to get that 4 back.

I must say this has truly been a magic year. 2010 my magic year. I have reached goals..exceeded expectations..I’ve lost 27 lbs..and I’m not done yet.

I met someone. I was searching for travel buddies..penpals..I found a couple she was among them..we chatted for a while on fb..then msn..then in calls and we fell into each other. She lives in Sweden. I love her dearly but she doesn’t belong to me. I went farther with her than I have with anyone. I loved with my deepest ability. I gave all I could from where I am but it wasn’t enough. Distance is a slow killer. I watched what we had drain out like the water from a pleasant bath. I’m not holding on to hope..I’m not slaughtering it either. I’m not touching it. I’m going to let it be. I will let the old cliché’ tell me the tale..”if it’s meant to be it will be.” Right now I will work on myself. I wont regret or sing woulda coulda shouldas..I’ll just let it be..whisper words of wisdom..let it beeee eeeeeee lol

Weight loss. I have lost 27 lbs..I’m well on my way to a healthy weight. I’m taking it 10 lbs at a time. I don’t want it to overwhelm me. I’m proud of myself, but I know I can do much better. I have a routine that I’m trying to stick with. This is Monday and I haven’t followed through. Part of the reason I’m updating is to have something to report to. Maybe it will help me to be more consistent? Let’s see.


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