Twenty ten..countdown to Twenty Eleven!

Well I must say 2010 was truly a magical year. I had some amazing highs and nearly unbearable lows. I made strides towards my educational goals, met the woman I thought I’d marry, lost and kept off nearly 30lbs, and the list goes on and’s been amazing. I can’t be more grateful. I say goodbye to 2010 as a dear and precious memory that I will cherish. It was very kind to me. More kind than any year I can recall. Although I leave it without that person I mentioned above..I do not leave it saddened by that fact. I’m keeping my eyes forward. I can not change the past..I can only learn from it. In learning I do not intend to linger on memories or old ways of doing things..for if they were productive I would not have lost the battle. I know I have a wealth of good things ahead. 2010 was great, but 2011 and every year that follows will be increasingly greater! I will see to that. The most important thing I’ve learned in 2010 is that life, love, happiness and all those  sweet nothings that make us feel alive are what we make of them. It’s all a choice. Circumstances change. So we mustn’t allow them to dictate anything about our lives. I have made up my mind to be jubilant! (: I will deal with any obstacles as they come. I will not allow a situation to overwhelm me. I will fight any battle as a warrior with no fear. Fear is crippling.

Onward. Welcome 2011!


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