Finally Almost…

Just about done with philosophy hw..just have 4 replies and a test to take before 10 pm (:

I really hope that I’m not becoming a shopping addict! I find myself checking everyday for deals and steals lol. Someone reminded me of ebates. It’s a great way to help me not stop this good..idunno yet. Yesterday I found some sweeeet sailor shorts at Wet Seal. I was shocked to discover that they too have recognized providing us plus sized divaz with trendy, affordable clothes is a money maka. Their clothes are great quality. I’ve only ordered a couple things thus far. This skirt and the shorts that I should get next week.

The skirt fits kinda really loose around my waist, but the hips and bootay fill it out in other places. I have a shirt I purchased from Steinmart years ago that will go perfectly.

I hope the shorts look as good on..They are kinda plain. I can’t really get a good look at the buttons. The thing that sold me here was the cuffs and the fact that they added bum pockets..makes em a bit more stylish.

Well off to finish what needs finishing..I dled ie9 and it’s giving me hell. :/


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