Mellow marsh

I watched this show called Extreme Makeover Weight loss Edition. Epic..I mean I’ve heard the story before, but the lady featured lost over 200lbs! It really made me realize how lucky I am to not have to shed so much weight. I complain about the amount I need to loose..but there she was loosing 200lbs. Jeeebus! Of course, ppl have lost more, but she really impacted me because she is so close to my age. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her to successfully reach her goal within a year. She ended on 202 lbs from 433. Wow. It really made me see that I need to just get serious and STAY serious and get this weight LOST. Once it’s done, I know I won’t turn back.

Funny thing happened too. I ordered some jegggings from Torrid. Now in my opinion Torrid’s clothes run large. I ordered jeggings in my old size. Why on earth did I do that? Am I afraid of progress? It’s almost like it hasn’t registered that I have made changes to my body..I’m happy about it. Elated! But I wonder if there’s some barrier that holds me back. If there is I need to identify it and blow it away because I want to make consistent progress. I want to reach that goal I set for myself. The progress I’ve made thus far proves to me that I can.


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