Ordinary Miracle.

So yesterday I was bidding on this adorable F21 romper and lost by 1 dolla! Today don’t ya knoe (in my fake Canadian accent) another one was offered at a cheaper price than I was willing to pay yesterday! I don’t want to seem like some kinda over zealous fickle  idiot, but I do feel very blessed. I haven’t always understood what that means, and I’m by no means incenuating that the romper or any Thingss I have been fortunate enoug to attain are blessings. To me, the notion is where true blessing blooms. The idea that I wanted this so much and I got it..not because of what it iss. It could have been anything, but it was something I desired in my heart and it was given. Now I’m not gonna lie..I did ask God for the romper x) yea I know I know, but hey I know there’s someone listening because my prayers are Always answered. Whether it’s exactly what I prayed for or something even better..they are always answered. This romper was just another example. (:



I think it’s pretty cute..I’m not 100% sure about the pattern, but I think I love it!


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