rainy sunday (:

It occurred to me yesterday that I have been blurring lines and crossing boundaries in my life. I should have a time and a place for things that I’ve allowed constant residence in my mind and heart. I believe this explains why I can get overwhelmed with school, work, home, family, etc. It’s important to put things in their place. This can be simple or complicated..whether it’s a situation, a person..a thing..whatever it is, I know I need to keep it in its place. I don’t want to take from the value of any given person or situation, but it’s all a matter of well..matter to me at this point. I often let my mother and sister and whatever may be going well or not well in their lives affect how I see my own. For the longest time, I thought this displayed my undying..unshaking “devotion” as a daughter and a sister. I considered it selfish to be happy when they were going through whatever, but I realizze..that’s a load of shit! I have a birth right. I have to defend that. When those boundaries are crossed, I know it’s up to me to stand against that. I don’t have to be under because anyone else is. How did I not know this?


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