It ain’t galactic.

Geez my knees! Idk why my legs have been aching so…In finer news my spirits are up. 

There’s this goal I have been meaning to reach for a few years now..we’ll more than a few. I certainly haven’t been very proactive about attaining it. I have a feeling if I go ahead and do it I’d feel 100% better about at least one aspect of my life. It’s rather embarrassing and well…i aint altogether bovered it is. I’m 32 with no driver’s license. There I said it. Let’s set how that looks in words. Looks horrid. >.< I’ve owned 2 cars, but never traded in my learner’s permit for the real deal. Tragic. The thing is I share my car with my mum and sister, so in actuality I don’t drive much. Also, not passing the first time really shot down my confidence. However, I think now more than ever I need to take the plunge again. I know it’s all in my over analyzing head..I’m really a good driver..just anxious about not passing again.  Just think, I could hop in my car and go for a drive or go to my favorite spot when I’m feeling a deeper shade of blue. That would be a comfort. Comfort is something I’m at such a deficit of, so I’m searching for ways to cope so that I don’t fall so far down. It’s such a climb back to the surface..well at least it ain’t galactic.


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