complacent eclipse

I’ve been very chipper usual jovial self has come in and taken a seat. I’m grateful. Circumstances haven’t life’s still pretty much shit but I’m not drowning in it..just going through it. What else is there to do? There’s no way out but through 🤗 

Funny story…my lovely coworker switched my centrifuge with one that wasn’t working. She didn’t bother to try to fix it…she just left me with what she presumed to be a malfunctioning machine. She had no idea I had encountered the problem before and knew how to fix it (thanks to Google)…Soo I fixed it and as I carried on working she kept glancing at me at my station with a puzzled unsatisfied grimace on her face.. Finally she came over and asked “w…were you able to fix your centrifuge?” Surrre I answered..I goggled it a long time ago. Her face was simply priceless..and ofc me being the unbovered type I laughed right in it. 😆 I don’t want to believe I work with people who are willing to sabotage me, but she made it evident that I just may be…


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