bloody tears.

My mother has been awake off and on since last night. It’s almost like a manic episode. She’s grumpy at everyone and making really dumb spur of the moment decisions…definitely mania. I feel bad for her but she’s had so many opportunities to get help with her depression, I find it difficult to remain empathic. Terrible, but true. I have to remind myself sometimes..especially when I’m not exactly having a peachy time being mistreated. I’m so thankful for my deep reservoir of patience and love…even though it doesn’t seem to be appreciated at moments like these. 

In sunnier news, my spirits are up😆I only have my finals left and the semester’s ova! Idk if it’s the new year’s resolution season that has gotten a hold of me but I’ve been really into getting this super chunky body of mine into shape. Ofc planning and doing are on different wavelengths though. I just feel inspired because I’ve never thought this hard on it in a while. 🙄


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