not really a crabby crab


I’m at the drs office waiting on mum..she’s doing a much better job of making an effort at taking care of herself..I’m so proud of her for that.

So ofc social settings make me aware of my social awkwardness. 🙄 But it also brings me an opportunity to remember I’ve come such a long way. I remember a time I used to turn red as a crayfish and become exceedingly anxious over the simplest things whilst in any public setting. It’s vital to remember where you come provides you with the velocity to move forward. I want to be more friendly and forthcoming with people. I know I will never be officer friendly but I could try harder😏 ..Tbh some people don’t make it too easy these days..Most are generally more interested in sizing eachother up and passing superficial judgements..I feel especially concious of this when I’m with my sister who wears more manly attire and sports a short haircut. I was always so defensive of her..wanting to take their stares and spin them round..Once there was this lady on the bus who kept staring at her like is she a she? I turned right round and stared the lady in the face like what’s it to ya toots? Her reaction was priceless😆


 On the flip side, there was the sweetest elderly lady in the office..she greeted me with a chipper good morning! It’s refreshing to be around positive people. I’m usually surrounded by electrons. 🙄


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