we don’t know…we won’t know unless we start. 

I’ve decked the halls and dolled up my nails with some festive sparkles☺ 

I’m planning to get my drivers license together before the new year. I NEED to regain my independence! There’s a lot I need to work on..not just in 2017 but starting Now. I’m making progress, but I know dang well I can do better. 

Today I finished my 1st semester at university! It was a rough one..integrated anatomy and physiology was a sincere pain in the gluteul region 🙄 I got my associates degree back in Dec 2014 so I was definitely rusty. Next semester I’ll do better..stay ahead of my due dates and such. 

With all the short shifts at work, I’m concerned about being overworked. So many people have transferred to other facilities…they’re begging me to stay there. I love what I do but I refuse to be overworked or give up what little time I have off to fill in week after week. Not happening.  No sir.👌I wish I was more talented..maybe I can channel some from the universe and open my own business someday.


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