But all is well…

Well this has been a new experience for me this holiday season..nothing has changed in some aspects. My sister’s drug abuse has intensified and my mother’s depression is on a steady march. However, my fervent desire to hold tight to my own happiness and well being is in full effect. I’m holding my positive energy close. I am speaking my mind..divulging my feelings..crying when I need to and laughing as much as I can. I have never been so vocal with my sister about how I’m feeling about what she’s doing..I find it hard to believe she is unaware that her drug abuse is not only abuse to her own body..it’s abusive to me, my mother, and every person on the road..but I told her and every chance I get I continue to tell her how I’m feeling about what she’s doing. Her excuses are going right over my head..I’m no longer willing to allow anyone’s excuses hinder my progress…including my own. 

2017 I’m going to make the best of you!


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