Another bequtiful day in the neighborhood.🙄 I woke up early enough..wanted to get up and sworkit but my intense desire to escape the crumb capade glued me to my bed. It’s tough. Hard to focus on what I need to do for Me. I’ve been getting better at rising above it in my head, but it hasn’t been put into fruition.

Yesterday I was glad to go to work..I usually am. It gives me an escape from the dysfunction at home and I do enjoy my work..it’s the people that make it so..ugckkhh. When I went in I spoke to everyone as I always do..out of 3 people 1 responded…under her breath. They do this often. How on earth can professional adults be so…I can’t even decide on the proper adjective to describe it..rude, ignorant, mean, unprofessional, nasty, tacky? No clue. They always have underestimated me and tried to find ways to shit on my character and when I blast those expectations out the water, they can’t stand  it…It’s as if they don’t like the fact that this underdog is succeeding. I hate to think they have any racist tendencies..but I notice they never do that kind of crap to anyone but me. Whatever. I’m not going to let their f’d up ways destroy my drive. I’m going to go in there and continue to give it my all..and if they want to throw shade..well that’s to be expected but this crazy  diamond is gonna shine on! 🤗 My patients are my priority..not a bunch of immature rude pricks. I started my second semester at uni yesterday as well. I’m taking it easy this semester, just 6 credit hours..well off to work.


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