Over over Under…


I’ve decided to seek more gainful employment. It has been a difficult decision, but my current employer does not appreciate me and does not deserve a dedicated employee like me. The only thing that holds me is the patients. I have a heart for their needs, but I absolutely refuse to allow them to use and abuse me. I was warned about this particular lab but I decided to follow my heart. My passion is Bloodbanking and -not to toot my own horn-I’m darn good at it, but there’s  too much pettiness going on. I’m actually starting to hate going to work..Not because of the job, but the people. Yesterday I was supposed to be doing a lighter job..instead they assigned someone else to it (not the 1st time its happened). So I carried on no problem with the heavy lifting..Now there was one place for me to sit and when I sat there one of the petty poppers swapped out my scanner with one she presumed to be broken when I stepped away and didn’t bother plug in the one she swapped. So I said nothing to her..I just plugged it in tried to get it working and carried on..Then I was forced to move to a new area because I hadn’t the space to carry out what I was doing there and they were all “where is she?” as if I was avoiding work..when in reality I was busting my bum in the back unpacking blood cells. The wishy-washy manager confronted me in a rude manner in front of another employee..”what are you doing?” with a grimace that could probably kill small ants..I NEVER try to avoid work…she just leapt to conclusions that she allows those petty poppers to put in her head..my character, my work ethic is clearly not enough. The other employee that witnessed how rudely she approached me asked me whats with her?..she seems to have a sour taste in her mouth..indeed it was not just me who noticed it. How much disrespect am I supposed to take? I’m at my limit. They fail to recognize that I don’t have to take this off them. I’m being over worked over stressed and UNDER paid. This is exactly why there is such a high turn around. Dedicated employees like myself are in and out of there. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve turned down other labs who were practically begging me to work with them for my current lab..and to be treated like this is just…😕 I’m done. Very done.

I don’t like calling off, but today I just had to..I’m absolutely exhausted..physically, mentally and emotionally with those people. I couldn’t subject myself to it with the night I had…I didn’t sleep a wink because of the thoughts running through my head..The anguish..I know I can’t just leave..I have bills to pay. So first thing tomorrow morning I will be on the horn trying to find a new job. I’m worth so much more than this.


Got a new job..starting Tuesday🤗


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